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Basic Product Information

Version: 7.0
Publisher: Polymathic Computer Corporation
Address: 100-245 Yorkland Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario M2J 4W9
Tel: (416) 490-8010
Fax: (416) 490-8275
Copyright held by: Polymathic Computer Corporation
Trademark held by: Polymathic Computer Corporation
Operating Systems: Windows Server 2019 64-bit
Windows Server 2016 64-bit
Windows Server 2012 64-bit
Windows Server 2008 64-bitWindows Server 2008 32-bit
Windows Server 2003 64-bitWindows Server 2003 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bitWindows 7 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bitWindows Vista 32-bit
Windows XPWindows 98
Windows NTNovell
Minimum Memory: 512MB


A powerful, time-saving system developed by chartered accountants that eliminates tedious paperwork. Number of accounts limited only to amount of available disk space. User-defined Chart of Accounts, or Standard Chart of Accounts. User friendly data entry. System provides user with simple questions to answer with alternatives displayed on the screen. Automatic writing of debits and credits for all transactions. Data entered into the memory of the computer from one program can be automatically accessed by any of the other programs. The system is designed so that the user is required to have a minimum knowledge of accounting or computers.


Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum number of General Ledger accounts which can be created and maintained? Limited only by disk space

  2. Can accounts be allocated to profit centres? yes

  3. What is the maximum number of profit centres? 99

  4. Can the financial statements be set up to compare current year's figures to those of the previous year? yes

  5. Can the financial statements be set up to compare current year's figures to budgetary figures? yes

  6. Can the accounting period be fiscal as well as calendar? yes

  7. How often can the various reports be produced? on demand

  8. Can the system automatically pick up accruals from subsequent periods? yes

  9. What reports can be produced? general journal
    chart of accounts
    detailed trial balance
    summary trial balance
    financial statement grouping codes
    balance sheet (10 options)
    general ledger posting analysis
    accruals listing
    profit and loss statement (10 options)
    general ledger account analysis schedules