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Basic Product Information

Version: 7.0
Publisher: Polymathic Computer Corporation
Address: 100-245 Yorkland Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario M2J 4W9
Tel: (416) 490-8010
Fax: (416) 490-8275
Copyright held by: Polymathic Computer Corporation
Trademark held by: Polymathic Computer Corporation
Operating Systems: Windows Server 2019 64-bit
Windows Server 2016 64-bit
Windows Server 2012 64-bit
Windows Server 2003 64-bitWindows Server 2003 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bitWindows Vista 32-bit
Windows XPWindows 95
WindowsWindows For Workgroups
Windows NTNovell
Minimum Memory: 512MB


The Accounts Receivable system offers a complete, easy to use procedure for keeping records of customer's purchases and payments and controlling collections, sales, credit authorization and adjustments. The advantages of this system are: Credit and collection departments know the status of each account at all times. Current records are accessible to those making adjustments and to those handling payments. Management is able to determine the profitability of each customer. Statements are ready to mail at the appointed time. Automated accounts receivable processing minimizes errors and eliminates paper handling. It increases productivity and efficiency which results in added profits.

This package forms a portion of our Integrated Accounting system which also includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, Inventory Management, and Payroll.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What type of Accounts Receivable system(s) does the software support? open item
  2. How are cash receipts for open item accounts applied? always to a specific invoice
  3. What is the maximum number of receivable accounts which can be created and maintained? limited only by disk space
  4. Can finance charges be applied to pastdue accounts? yes, for all pastdue accounts and for selected pastdue customers only
  5. Can finance charges for pastdue accounts be charged at different rates for each account? yes
  6. Can finance charges be applied on a different number of days after the due date for individual accounts? yes
  7. Can the software account for revenue derived from finance charges separately from that derived from goods or services? yes
  8. List the information maintained in the accounts receivable customer file? name and invoice address
    personal contact and phone number
    ship-to address
    credit limit
    discount code
    account balance
    customer's sales - year-to-date
    customer's last payment date

  9. Aging reports are available for: all customers or selected customers
  10. Aging is calculated from: the invoice date
  11. Which accounts receivable screen inquiries will your software provide: inquiries by invoice date
  12. Can the software produce customer account statements? yes, for customers with an outstanding balance
  13. Can customer statements be produced for different periods? statements are produced for the same period, eg. monthly or quarterly
  14. Can the Accounts Receivable software automatically calculate and report salesmen's commissions? no
  15. Which reports can the Accounts Receivable software print? Age of Accounts Receivable in order: by customer
    by salesman
    by region
    Sales Journal
    Statement by Account
    Distribution Sales Journal
    Cash Receipts Journal
    Sales Report by customer
    by product
    by salesman
    Customer List
    in numerical order by customer number
    in alphabetical order by customer name
    showing new and deleted customers only