Polymathic Group


The Polymathic Group is an integrated group of management and computer consulting firms specializing in providing fully integrated enterprise information systems. We offer a broad scope of services ranging from systems design, program development, on or off line data processing, in house computer systems installation or any combination of the foregoing.

The principals of Polymathic have extensive backgrounds in:


CAL PARSONS, CPA, CA as a former partner in a large public accounting firm has extensive experience as a consultant to small and medium size businesses in developing management and financial information systems.

This specialization led to an early involvement in the design and development of computer applications software for a wide range of clients.

In 1981, Cal resigned as a partner in a public accounting firm to found Polymathic. He has brought to the development of each Polymathic software package, unique insights based on his experience as a business consultant, chartered accountant and systems development professional.

RUSS KONDO, systems consultant, is a graduate in computer science from the University of Western Ontario. His background includes over 30 years of data processing experience as a computer operator for IBM mainframes, application programmer for IBM mainframes and Datapoint minicomputers.

At National Trust, Russ was involved with the design and implementation of a Canadawide data collection network with Datapoint minicomputers and an IBM mainframe, design and implementation of a mixed banking and trust application terminal network operating on IBM mainframes and installation of IBM related software.

Russ is responsible for the design and development of Polymathic's accounting systems.

LESLIE PRIOR, is a graduate in computer programming and systems analysis from DeVry Institute of Technology. Leslie has over 15 years experience in training and support of various business software packages.

Before joining Polymathic, her responsibilities included evaluating and revising various companies word processing needs and providing training, support and documentation on the implemented systems.

At Polymathic, Leslie is responsible for ongoing support of a variety of software including our in-house systems and third party software requested by our clients.


"Let us prove to you that we can do the job before you hire us" has always been Polymathic's philosophy because we believe that purchasing a computer should be like buying other business products; that is, you, the buyer, should know exactly what you are getting. Unlike the larger vendors, our reputation goes on the line with each and every system we install: we cannot afford even one dissatisfied user. In fact, we would prefer to lose a sale rather than gain an unhappy customer.

Polymathic backs up its philosophy by showing you a great deal of what you will receive before you buy. To create a no risk situation for you and ensure your complete satisfaction, Polymathic will demonstrate your proposed system on a machine similar to the one you will be using. Then you can be absolutely sure that what you are buying is what you want. Also, even after you have installed a Polymathic system, our support is ongoing, and we will continue to work with you for the life of the system. This is our commitment to you.


From the day you place your order with us, we are fully committed to giving you a working system, whether it is a standard package or a custom program. We provide installation, training and on going support. You will not need to hire any specially trained personnel. Our packages were developed to make them as easy as possible for you to learn, and our simple English language display screens facilitate quick and accurate data entry. You do not have to become computer specialists; that is our job.

To ensure a smooth transition, we will assist your present employees in setting up and operating the system. During the installation phase, we will also help you design and purchase all necessary forms and supplies. When your system is delivered, it will have been fully tested and demonstrated so that from day 1 it will be a useful management tool.